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Employer Relations Scorecard Results

Your results are displayed below under three areas, Planning, Programs & Services, and Performance along with average scores for each of the 9 success drivers.

You can access these results from your profile. If you would like to complete the Employer Relations Scorecard again go to resources.


1. Clarity + Commitment -20 40
Employer relations goals and objectives align with departmental direction4
Employer relations team is clear about how they support the goals & objectives6
Employer relations is embedded in department’s strategic plan8
Department leader understands and communicates how employer relations supports student success2
2. Lead Generation + Business Development-24 30
Data from employer activities and job postings is gathered to support planning and decision-making8
Target markets identified based on school programs and the labour market8
Employer outreach plan articulated, executed and analyzed annually8
3. Marketing + Communications -20 50
Promotional materials for employers are informative and engaging5
Appropriate tools are used to promote services to employers (social media, emails, posters, displays)3
Employers are aware of the breadth of services available3
Communications with employers are timely, responsive, and reinforce a positive experience6
Website is user friendly and informative for employers3

Programs & Services

4. Programs, Events + Services -24 40
Programs, events and services for employers meet their needs6
Employers optimize use of programs, events and services6
Recruitment programs and events attract the right students6
Recruitment programs and events attract sufficient numbers of students6
5. Employer Experience -30 50
Relationships with employer partners are consultative6
Employer relations team is a trusted source of information/advice for employers8
Employers’ accomplishments are recognized and celebrated4
In person experiences for employers are consistently positive (respectful, responsive, personalized, accessible)8
Online experiences (web, job posting, CRM) for employers are consistently positive (user friendly, simplified, personalized, accessible)4
6. Student + Campus Connections -26 50
Skills & knowledge developed by students through academic programs is understood by employer relations team and communicated to employers4
Student demographics, preferences, values and interests are understood and communicated to employers6
Relationships with diverse students and student groups are cultivated4
Collaboration/partnerships exist across campus units that engage with employers6
Partnerships with internal units (faculties, student services, alumni office, etc.) are developed to support employer-student connections


7. Team -15 30
Employers’ campus recruiting processes, timelines, and challenges are clearly understood by team membersN/A
Employer relations team members have the right credentials, skills and competencies to do their jobs effectively6
Training and development opportunities are available to enhance team member’s knowledge and skills4
Employer relations unit has sufficient capacity to deliver supports to employer, student, campus partner stakeholders5
8. Mechanics -17 30
Employer relations processes are clearly documented, easily repeated and maximize productivity4
Employer relations team has the tools and resources required to be successful6
Appropriate software (CRM, job posting, event management, etc.) is available and optimized to support employer relations7
9. Metrics -28 40
Employer programs, events and services are regularly measured, benchmarked and evaluated8
Employer partnership activities are measured and evaluated8
Input from leadership is systematically sought and acted upon4
Objective, confidential feedback is regularly collected from employers and acted upon8