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Upcoming Events Available to Non-Members

The Employer Relations Alliance (ERA) webinars, panel discussions, expert workshops and other online events are FREE to all ERA members.

Members of the ERA community have access to a minimum of 12 online events with their annual membership fee as well as a wealth of other benefits to support their success when building employer partnerships on campus.

Non-members working on campus are invited to attend the following events for a nominal fee.

Please note: registration fees are for individual participants only and are not for sharing with groups.

Expert Workshop: Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Increase Employer Connections

Thu, Feb 15 2024

2pm EST

In this beginner-friendly session, we'll navigate the powerful landscape of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, unlocking its potential to enhance employer connections and streamline outreach efforts.

As the digital realm continues to reshape professional networking, understanding the nuanced features of Sales Navigator becomes pivotal for fostering meaningful collaborations.

Together, we'll explore targeted search strategies, effective communication techniques, and proven methods to identify and engage prospective employers.

By the end of this workshop, you'll leave armed with the skills to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a catalyst for expanding your network, fostering partnerships, and ultimately advancing opportunities for students in the competitive world of internships, co-op programs, and new hire recruitment.

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to employer engagement!

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About the presenter

Jason John,
Educational Consultant
The Creative Sparks

Jason has found the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool invaluable to his work in employer relations at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, Toronto Metropolitan University and LinkedIn.

Expert Insights: 10 Things that Every Employer Relations Pro Should Tell Employers

Weds, March 6 2024

1pm EST

Helpful insights and advice are the most valuable assets of the employer relations professional.

Of course, being personable and engaging is very important. But at some point you have to help your employers become more successful. That’s how you will grow trust and deepen your partnership.

In this special presentation, we will share 10 research-based best practices that every organization should employ to attract and engage students while building their brand on campus. The insights come from our annual research with 20,000+ students and our work with employers across North America.

Rather than just sharing our opinions, we’ll provide ERA members with access to the research behind the advice and permission to reproduce and share these insights and data with their employers.

Our goal is to empower you to empower your employers so that your students can launch fulfilling careers.

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Research Insights: Highlights from the 2024 Campus Recruitment Outlook Report Part 1

Fri, April 5 2024

1pm EST

In part 1 of this webinar series, Graham Donald, President, Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc., will share key findings from the 2024 Campus Recruitment Outlook Report. Based on a survey of Canadian employers, the report provides insights into the current state of campus recruiting as well as a forecast of expected hiring in 2024-25. This session will look at trends such as: hiring statistics, recruitment methods, preferred skills, key challenges, recruitment programs, retention and hire-back rates, and much more!

During this workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to discuss the findings and their implications with peers.

Members of the Employer Relations Alliance will receive a FREE copy of the full report - a value of $895.

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Employer Pro Panel: Reflections on Student Engagement & Recruitment

Fri, May 3 2024

1pm EST

Join this frank discussion with employers who will shed light on the past recruitment season, discuss what worked and what didn't, and share what the future of campus recruitment looks like for them. Employer panelists will provide insight into how campus recruitment has evolved over the past few years, what their interactions with students were like, how much of their activities were in-person, online or a mix, and what were some of the best practices they saw from campus career partners.

Panelists will be announced soon.

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